Who is INTESOL Slovakia ?

INTESOL Slovakia is a franchise of INTESOL Worldwide for onsite/in-class,hybrid and online TESOL/TEFL courses. Courses are managed and directed by British English Board (BEB). British English Board (BEB) is an educational consultancy providing bespoke accreditation, testing and training services – both online and onsite. We also develop and publish teaching and assessment materials for institutions and individuals. We provide information on different media for both learners and teachers. BEB is powered by a team of talented and experienced people in the field of the education. BEB's aim is to bring excellence in language education and assessment.

How can I get more information ?

Even though, we design the website with full of detailed information you might want to need more information. Please complete the contact form and provide your details, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will arrange a phone call for you. Please indicate your preferred language choice for the conversation.

You can also WhatsApp us on our business number +44 (1273) 25 2442